Great Kills Park

Great Kills Park, located in Staten Island, NY, is home to an abundance of wildlife. It is not only a habitat for the deer that roam freely but also many different plant species depend on it to survive. This man-made park was made for recreation; people go there to exercise and play sports like baseball, soccer, and football which are played in the fields located in the park. There are also picnic areas for people to enjoy lunch outside.

Great Kills Park is famous for its trails. There are many different types of trails including “nature trails”, which are established by the National Park Service to help educate people on the plant and animal species that live in it, and fire lanes, which are created so park rangers can get around more easily when fires break out.

Great Kills Park Facilities

The Great Kills Park has three ball fields, a picnic area with restrooms, multiple dog-walking trails, and four bird-watching sites. The boat basin located in the Long Pond is one of the main attractions of the park. The basin is home to many different types of birds, including the Tree Swallows and Canada Geese that can be spotted during their yearly migrations in April and October respectively.

Facilities in Great Kills Park include:

Picnic Area: Picnic sites and grills are provided, and the restrooms have drinking fountains. Restrooms can be found in the picnic area & adjacent to Hadley Avenue.

Restrooms: There are restrooms located adjacent to Hadley Avenue and in the picnic area.

Paths: The park’s paths are made of crushed stone.

Great Kills Park Wildlife

The wildlife in the Great Kills Park consists of many different species that depend on it for survival. Some of these species include raccoons, skunks, squirrels, foxes, coyotes, white-tailed deer, box turtles, and snapping turtles. The park’s groundskeepers are responsible for controlling the populations of harmful wildlife species such as rats and mice. They also monitor the population of white-tailed deer to prevent overpopulation which can lead to mass starvation during harsh winters where food is scarce.

The Great Kills Park takes pride in the amount of wildlife that lives there because it attracts many people who want to enjoy nature and complement the experience with a fresh-air picnic under large shady trees. They also maintain very strict rules to preserve and protect their ecosystem, such as enforcing leash laws and not allowing dogs into the bird-watching areas.

Great Kills Park Details

Great Kills Park is a public park in Great Kills, Staten Island, New York City. Originally named Marine Park, it is a part of the Staten Island Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area. Wikipedia

Address: 3270 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306

Phone: (212) 639-9675

Area: 580 acres (230 ha)


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