North Mount Loretto State Fores

North Mount Loretto State Forest, located in Staten Island, is a very old and quite unique forest. When you visit the secluded forests, you will feel as if you have gone back to a much simpler time. The state forest is a part of a much larger Mount Loretto Unique Area which was created in order to protect the forests, meadows, ponds, and wildlife that live there.

In 1897, the forest was originally bought and protected by the city of New York. The park had always been a place for people to enjoy its serenity, and in 1980 it was officially opened to the public as a state forest. Despite this designation, North Mount Loretto State Forest is still considered to be one of the most secluded and tranquil spots in New York City.

One of the most notable features that you will see while walking through North Mount Loretto State Forest is the Anclote River, which flows north to south through the area. The river provides water for many species of fish, including trout and bass. There are many trails in the forest that take you over bridges crossing small streams that feed into the river.

When you visit North Mount Loretto State Forest in Staten Island, you will feel like you have left your worries behind in order to truly connect with nature. The park does not allow camping or fires because the quiet serenity of this little forest preserve needs to be protected at all costs.

Entry is free to the public, and dogs are allowed on leashes. For anyone looking for a quiet walk in nature with all of your modern conveniences, North Mount Loretto State Forest in Staten Island is the perfect place to visit.

North Mount Loretto State Forest Attractions:

Attractions in North Mount Loretto State Forest include the Anclote River, trails, ponds, and wildlife. It is also home to a variety of different plants and trees.

Activities that you can do while visiting North Mount Loretto State Forest include hiking, fishing, photography, bird watching, sightseeing, and picnicking. Dogs are allowed on leashes as long as they have been registered.

North Mount Loretto State Forest has a number of different habitats that provide a home for a variety of creatures including eagles, deer, foxes, and ospreys. The park is also home to many bird species such as warblers, sparrows, and loons. Some of the trees in the forest include pine, oak, birch, and chestnut.

North Mount Loretto State Forest Details

North Mount Loretto State Forest is a sizable natural area with forests & wetlands, offering hiking, fishing & birdwatching opportunities.

Address: 6450 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10309

Phone: (718) 482-4900


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