Ocean Breeze Park

Ocean Breeze Park, located in Staten Island, NY, is currently the largest public beach in the New York area. The park is located along an area of the island that was known as Clove Valley, which now includes condominiums built after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The park provides ample space for tourists to enjoy many features, including a carousel.

The carousel at Ocean Breeze Park was originally put in place by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. It was a gift from the Brooklyn-based Sherwood Anderson Foundation for Children, which had been established by friends of the author Sherwood Anderson, who died earlier that year.

Ocean Breeze Park is famous for its carousel. The carousel was donated to the city in memory of Sherwood Anderson, an American writer and founder of the modernist literary movement.

Ocean Breeze Park Facilities

Facilities in Ocean Breeze Park include:

  • The Carousel: A wooden carousel including horses and a variety of other animals.
  • A Walking Track: Around the perimeter of the park, there are several paths to choose from for a stroll. Walkers often see turtles lounging on logs in nearby Silver Lake.
  • Observation Tower/Gazebo: This provides views over Staten Island and New York City.
  • Lavender Fields: An area for picnics, games, and relaxing.
  • The Recreation Center: Contains basketball courts as well as an indoor gym.
  • Showers: For those who wish to go for a swim or just wash off.
  • Umbrellas: For those seeking shade and shelter from the sun.
  • The Viaduct: Includes a bike path for joggers, cyclists, and inline skaters as well as steps down to the beach itself.
  • A Beach: One of the many beaches provided by Ocean Breeze Park. Ocean Breeze Park is also popular for its many annual events, including the Polar Bear Swim.
  • A Boardwalk: Provides visitors with a walkway along the beach.

A carousel at Ocean Breeze Park is ocean-themed and includes an octopus, starfish, and crabs. It was constructed by D.H. Morgan Manufacturing Company of Brooklyn, NY.

Other landmarks in Ocean Breeze Park include Lavender Fields, which offers picnic tables and places for children to play.

A popular annual event at the park is the annual Polar Bear Swim, which occurs at noon on New Year’s Day. The event consists of individuals jumping off a diving board into freezing ocean water for charity purposes.

Ocean Breeze Park Details

Sand dunes, wetlands, grasslands & shrub forest in a 110-acre park with a track and field complex.

Address: Mason Avenue &, Quintard St, Staten Island, NY 10305

Phone: (212) 639-9675


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