Staten Island Children's Museum

Staten Island Children’s Museum, located in Stated Island, NY, is a fun learning experience for children of various ages. The museum is a great place to learn about science, art, literacy, and much more!

The Children’s Museum opened its doors in 1976.  The museum is located in a warehouse, which gives it a unique and interesting look. It is a very modern-looking space. The displays are made of glass, wood, and colorful items that would attract the attention of children as soon as they walk into the museum.  So many fun things to see!

It is famous for its young visitors, who are enthusiastic about learning and exploring. It is also known for its availability of quality programs that nurture the educational development of children.

Staten Island Children’s Museum is popularly known for its “Grow-a-coop” exhibit, which consists of a perch for the chickens and a nesting space. The museum also has many live animals to look at and learn about, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, fish with bubbles which show their lifecycles in an aquarium tank filled with water.

Staten Island Children’s Museum Exhibitions

The Staten Island Children’s Museum offers different exhibits throughout the year. The annual “Model Train Show” is one such exhibit held over Memorial Day weekend each year, and it is a huge success!  During this event, members of the New York Metropolitan Model Railroad Club bring their model trains for kids to see and even operate!  There are also new displays, activities, educational talks every day, and a Thomas the Tank Engine Story Time in English and Spanish.  The members of the club are happy to answer questions about their models, display techniques, and railroad history.

The museum also offers a great exhibit on shipbuilding in New York called “Glory Days at Kill Van Kull.”  In this exhibit, you will see how the ships are made, what kinds of tools were used in the past to make them, and even get to touch some of the items! 

The Staten Island Children’s Museum also holds exhibits on Art at Home with Mommy, Puppetry in an Animated World, A Geology Walk Through New York State, and even a Creepy Crawlers Exhibit!

Staten Island Children’s Museum Details

The Staten Island Children’s Museum is a children’s museum on the grounds of Sailors’ Snug Harbor on Staten Island, New York. The museum opened in 1976 following community and government support for the project. The museum stresses a hands-on interactive approach to its exhibits.

Located in: Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

Address: off, 1000 Richmond Terrace Building M Enter via the Fillmore St. Gate, Tysen St, 10301

Phone: (718) 273-2060

Founded: 1976

Director: Dina Rosenthal


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