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Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park, NJ

Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park, NJ, is a park in New Jersey dedicated to the former resident and football player. The park is located on the corner of Washington and Allison and is named after Alvin P. Williams, who played football for Princeton University and later for the National Football League (NFL). He died in a car accident in New Jersey in his senior year at Princeton, when he was already beginning play for NFL teams.

Features at the Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park,

The park features a regulation-sized football field, two tennis courts, and a 1/2 mile running track. There are also facilities for baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, croquet. The park is open from 6a.m. to 10p.m., with locks on the gates at night so that the park is closed.

The Playground at the Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park

The playgound at the park is located on the far end of the park away from most of the other facilities. The playground has 2 large slides, monkey bars, a climbing wall, and more. There are also swings for toddlers and there are baby swings next to them as well if needed. Kids love the monkey bars and climbing walls and adults enjoy watching them play.

The Amphitheater at the Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park

There is an amphitheater at the park that consists of 4 rows of very comfortable benches with backs on them and room for about 200 people to sit. The amphitheater is located on a small hill next to the playground, baseball fields, and soccer fields. Many of the residents enjoy sitting in the amphitheater and watching the kids play in the playground, especially when the weather is nice.

Overlook Pavilion and Gardens

At the very highest point in the park, there is an Overlook Pavilion that was built with funds donated by a former resident. The overlook pavilion features a magnificent view of the entire town of Hillsborough NJ. People who have weddings or other special occasions often hold them at the overlook pavilions because it has such a nice view and plenty of seating. It is $500 to reserve the Overlook Pavilion for a wedding or another special event, but it’s well worth the cost.

There are also many beautiful gardens at the Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park. There are gardens for mums, annuals, perennials, lilies, and roses. Many residents of Hillsborough enjoy their time at the gardens when they are in bloom.


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