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Fords Park, NJ

Fords Park, NJ, is an unincorporated community in the park of the same name, lying wholly within Howell Township, in Monmouth County.

Named for its original owner, Abram F. Ford, Ford Park was established in 1916 with the purchase by Ford of a large estate just across Jersey Shore Road from Allaire State Park. The area surrounding “Ford’s Park” at the southern end of the Pine Barrens was settled by John Russell in 1750.

Ford apparently had great affection for this area and wished to show it to visitors in a favorable light. For many years, Ford operated guided tours through the Pine Barrens from Monmouth County to the shore of Lakehurst. He provided refreshments for his guests at two restaurants, one of which stood on the site now occupied by Allaire State Park’s golf course clubhouse.

Ford died in 1955 and his family sold the property shortly thereafter. A new owner subdivided the park into lots, but it never developed as a residential community. The main road through the track was renamed for its purchaser and is now called Howell Park.

Early settlers used what is now Ford Park for farming and logging. Remnants of old orchards, stone walls, apple holes, and other artifacts are still visible throughout the parkland.

Today, Fords Park consists of a U-shaped drive around two small ponds with a pond on each end. Street names in Fords Park honor people who were influential in the development of Howell Township, such as Judge Josiah Day (Day Blvd.), William Pinckney (Pinckney Ave.), and Moses Rogers (Rogers Ave.). It’s a popular stop for bicyclists and hikers. It is also a good place to go on a Sunday afternoon when the roads are closed to motorized vehicles, and you can enjoy the serenity of this unique spot in the Pine Barrens.

Since the park has a large open area in the center, there was a proposal in 1968 to establish a landfill in this location. Some Howell Township residents were very upset with this proposal, but it never came to fruition.

Other features of Ford Park include a public boat launch, two tennis courts, and an 18-hole disc golf course. One of the ponds is part of the Lake Aeroflex system overseen by Allaire State Park. The Lake Aeroflex system includes Lake Aeroflex, Little Aeroflex, and West Pond.

There are also two trails located in the park: The Overlook Trail which has an overlook of West Pond, and the Wildlife Trail.


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