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Kenilworth Historical Society, Inc, NJ

Kenilworth Historical Society, Inc, NJ, is a non-profit group of dedicated volunteers who work to preserve the history and culture of Kenilworth, New Jersey. Founded in 1986, we focus on the growth and development of our community using four main initiatives. The four initiatives are historical research, historical publications on Kenilworth, restoration of landmarks in our community, and placing historic markers on specific sites throughout the town.

Our work is carried out by about twenty dedicated volunteers who are appointed to positions on our board of directors for three-year terms. We also have several committees that work with us including the Architectural Committee,

Our library preserves written records, newspapers, photographs, and other materials which contribute to the community’s past. It is open to the public during special events held by KHS.

The museum exhibits objects of historical significance in our town; these include old fire equipment, antique automobiles, and household items, native American tools, and military memorabilia, the latter donated by Kenilworth’s World War II veteran population.

The programs committee organizes special events throughout the year such as a ‘parade of homes’ in May and a craft show in October, to raise funds for KHS. We also sponsor a speaker series, lectures on historical topics, and cultural awareness.

The preservation and interpretation of the Oswald J. Nitschke House

The Kenilworth Historical Society manages the preservation and interpretation of the Oswald J. Nitschke House. This home is listed on both the State and National Register of Historic Places. The architecturally significant design was originally built in 1917 by Kenilworth resident Oswald J. Nitschke for his family’s residence, while he designed it for his family, this historic home also became the first schoolhouse in Kenilworth. The Historical Society was founded in 1986 and acquired the Nitschke House from Essex County in May 1988. The house is situated on a five-acre site at the center of Kenilworth’s lake community and is considered one of the finest examples of Georgian Revival architecture in the region.

Kenilworth Historical Society

The Kenilworth Historical Society is a great place to get involved with your community, meet other residents interested in history, and give back to the town.


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