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Light Dispelling Darkness Statue, NJ

Light Dispelling Darkness Statue, NJ, is a unique statue located in the town of Marlton, New Jersey, created by artist David Vancamp. The massive marble and granite structure is a long-lasting form of art that captures an important moment in American history.

The Light Dispelling Darkness Statue evokes a feeling of timelessness as it watches over one of South Jersey’s most historic landmarks.

The statue is a part of the Black Run Preserve, better known as Pine Tree Acres, and has been since it was donated to the Camden County Nature Club in 1972. The preserve used to be owned by Mrs. William Littell and her daughter Mrs. Joseph Clark before they gave it to the nature club for preservation.

The Light Dispelling Darkness Statue has a deep, dark history in itself. It was created in memory of the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in York Springs, Pennsylvania. The center was once home to former slave Dr. William Parker and his family when they were forced to flee when slave hunters came close to finding them at their house on Christmas Eve in 1856.

The Light Dispelling Darkness Statue was created as a way to express the importance of freedom and equality for all people, no matter their color or gender. It represents a moment in history when over 20,000 slaves from the southern states fled northward to the free states through what is now known as The Underground Railroad with hopes of starting a new life.

The Light Dispelling Darkness Statue is located in the Black Run Preserve near Marlton, Camden County, NJ.

More About the Artist

The creator of the Light Dispelling Darkness Statue, David Vancamp, was born in 1947 in Trenton, New Jersey. He attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) and graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA).

His passion for art started at an early age when he would hand carve boats out of wood before graduating to larger works. His talent has allowed him to work on several commissioned works throughout the United States.

The Light Dispelling Darkness Statue is his most notable work, which was commissioned by William Parker. Although it has been almost 50 years since its creation, David Vancamp still remembers how passionate he felt about creating this piece of art and learning about Dr. William Parker’s involvement in the Underground Railroad. He currently resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and continues to create pieces of art through his personal studio where he specializes in sculpting accessories.


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