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Milton Lake, NJ

Milton Lake, NJ, is a census-designated place in Lakewood Township, Camden County, NJ. It is located 11 miles SW of Trenton, the state capital. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, there were 489 residents living in Milton Lake, making it the least populated community in Camden County.

Milton Lake is named for Josiah Milton (1757-1833) who owned land where the lake currently lies in 1802. The area remained rural until the 1950s when it was transformed into housing developments. The last farm in Milton Lakes disappeared in 1962. From 1959 to 1981, the population of Milton Lakes grew from 300 to 489 people.

Milton Lake has a land area of 0.5 square miles, making it the smallest place in NJ by area. Within the 0.5-square mile area of Milton Lake is a smaller area that supports fishing called Milton Lake Park with an area of one-tenth of a square mile.

Near Milton Lake, NJ

Near Milton Lake are the 6.5-mile (10.5 km) long Cooper River Parkway, which is used for walking and bicycling; and the 1-mile (1.6 km) long Wootton Trail, in use for walking only.

Just south of Milton Lake in Pine Hill, NJ, in an area called The Valley, is Valley Hospital Medical Center.

In the opposite direction from Pine Hill is Fort Dix, a military base acquired by the federal government in 1917. Fort Dix is now used by the New Jersey National Guard.

Before European settlement, Milton Lake was home to Lenni Lenape Native Americans. It is believed that there were once campgrounds or villages at the shore of what is now Milton Lake because of its location along the Cohansey River and several lagoons. The Lenni Lenape developed mills on this river, which lies along the route they followed.

Two Artificial Lakes

Milton Lake, NJ is home to two artificial lakes that use water from nearby waterways. One is an 11-acre lake at the center of Milton Lake Park called Milton Lake. This lake was created for recreation purposes. The other, Josephine Lake, is smaller at 3 acres and was created to serve as a water supply for local residences.

Milton Lake, NJ is home to three parks: Stetson Mill Pond Park, Josephine Lake Park, and Milton Lake Park. Stetson Mill Pond Park features a hiking trail that is 1 mile long, as well as one baseball field and basketball court. Josephine Lake Park offers fishing and canoeing on Josephine Lake. There are three boat launches within Josephine Lake Park to facilitate these activities.


Overall, Milton Lake, NJ, is a small but lovely part of the New Jersey beauty.


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