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Roosevelt Park Lake, NJ

Roosevelt Park Lake, NJ, is a lake located in Bergen County, NJ, near Metuchen. The park also contains a swimming pool, a playground, and several baseball fields. Roosevelt Park Lake is surrounded by private homes, so it can provide a view of the area’s natural beauty as well as a place to swim and play games.

Roosevelt Park Lake is a popular place for swimmers and boaters on hot days. Eager anglers will also find fishing opportunities at Roosevelt Park Lake.

In 1912, Roosevelt Park was created as a center for the community to gather and relax. The park is named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who lived in a house just a few miles from the location of what would become the lake.


Location: Rockefeller Road, Palisades Park, NJ 07650

Size: 7.53 acres

Depth: 12 feet

Features: playgrounds, snack bar, wading pool

Notable Features

A notable feature of this area is that it has been untouched by development despite being so close to New York City, allowing it to retain its natural beauty.

There are many facilities in the park, including boat rentals and a marina. The marina offers kayaks, canoes, and rowboats for public use on the water. To protect this ecosystem, boating is restricted within 100 feet of the shoreline and gas-driven boats are not allowed.

The park is also home to a number of species, including ducks, geese, and crustaceans.

Sports Activities

The park also features a great deal of sports activity.  It contains several baseball fields and is home to a golf course and the Teaneck Road Runners. The park also hosts community events like fireworks shows and concerts.


  • Level Playing Fields
  • Family Skating Rink 
  • 7 Tennis courts (lights)
  • 4 Basketball Courts
  • 1 Softball Field
  • 6 Reservable Picnic Groves
  • 1 Open Picnic Grove
  • 3 Playgrounds
  • Bike/Walkways
  • Lake/Fishing
  • Stephen J. Capestro Theater (Plays-in-the-Park)
  • Veterans Memorial
  • Kiddie Keep Well Campground

Programs Offered in the Park

Family Ice/Roller Skating Rink

From November to March, the rink is open for public skating at various times throughout the winter. The ice-skating season typically starts in November and ends in March.

Ice/Roller Skating Lessons

There are also ice and roller skating lessons available for anyone who would like to learn how to ice-skate or roller skate. These lessons are offered for children from age three and older.


There are sometimes plays performed in the park by the Teaneck Community Players. These plays are put on at Stephen J Capestro Theater, a small theater that holds approximately 200 people. Anyone may join the community to request a play or suggest one for future performances.


There’s also music in the park, which is a free concert series held in the warmer months. Anyone can bring a blanket and enjoy this outdoor event, perfect for families.

Summary of Roosevelt Park Lake

Roosevelt Park Lake, NJ is a beautiful spot in Bergen County, NJ that’s perfect for swimming, boating, or just sightseeing. It also offers many activities and programs to the surrounding communities. Anyone who lives nearby should definitely check out this park!


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