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SeaQuest Woodbridge

SeaQuest Woodbridge is a very large aquarium, located in Woodbridge, Virginia.   The aquarium houses various marine life and is home to several exhibits such as the Amazon River exhibit and the Outer Bay exhibit (which includes a walk-in aviary).

SeaQuest opened its doors on September 7 th , 1990, and was at that time the largest saltwater aquarium in the United States.  The aquarium provides a variety of educational programs, activities, and special events for all ages.

SeaQuest features over 500 species of fish, over 30 sharks and rays, sea turtles, penguins (in the Outer Bay Exhibit), birds (in the Walk-in Aviary), alligators, manatees, horseshoe crabs, loggerhead turtles (in the Loggerhead Turtle Exhibit) , jellyfish (in the Jellyfish Gallery) , stingrays (in the Coral Reef Exhibit), and more!

The Outer Bay Exhibit is home to sea birds, cownose rays, tarpon, seahorses, alligator, and horseshoe crabs.  Loggerhead turtles can be found in the Loggerhead Turtle Exhibit.  The Inner Shores exhibit houses a variety of fish, including various sharks.  The Coral Reef exhibit houses a variety of corals and fish commonly found in the Caribbean Sea. The Coral Reef Exhibit is also home to several species of jellyfish.

The Amazon River Exhibit is a huge exhibit and it’s the longest and one of the largest exhibits in SeaQuest.  This sprawling area of more than 1,000 square feet features a variety of freshwater fish and animals from South America such as anaconda piranhas, red-bellied piranhas, pacus, and more.

SeaQuest has several smaller exhibits which are also very impressive, including the East Tank (a saltwater aquarium), Turtle Lagoon (featuring several different species of turtles), Frog Bog (home to various amphibians such as the poison dart frog), and Stingray Bay (where stingrays can be petted!).

SeaQuest also features an IMAX 3D Theatre, which shows educational movies throughout the day.  There are touch tanks, where visitors may reach into tidal pools and touch horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs. There is a rope climbing area for children to climb up and slide down a large net.

SeaQuest has many educational programs to help protect the marine environment.   Programs include exhibits on red tide, water testing, endangered species, manatees, horseshoe crabs, loggerhead turtles, and jellyfish.  The aquarium also provides programs on plastics and on various invasive species.

SeaQuest is located within the PWC Park at Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge, Virginia.  The park offers a playground for children, tennis courts, two lighted baseball fields, picnic shelters, restrooms, and parking. 

Near SeaQuest is Potomac Mills Mall and Potomac Festival Shopping Center. These areas feature many stores, restaurants, and other attractions.  The aquarium can be reached by car, bus, or metro. You can enjoy the whole area by checking out the many attractions nearby.


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In Woodbridge, New Jersey

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