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How We Help Colts Neck Residents

If you find yourself in one of the situations described below, we can buy your house within 3-20 days.


Divorce is a part of life anywhere you go, but it doesn't make it any easier or simpler. After deciding on custody arrangements if there are children involved, the sale of the home is often the most stressful part of the negotiations. Dragging the negotiations out longer than necessary is not helping anyone (apart from the lawyer's monthly billing report). A quick sale of the home for a clearly defined price makes negotiations so much simpler. No need to go through countless showings and wait for a good offer when you can get one upfront hassle free. Maybe you both want to sell and split the money to go your separate ways. Our Colts Neck cash for houses program will get you on the road with a lot of cash quickly.


There's no such thing as "good timing" with respect to a bereavement in the family. In addition to the stresses of daily life, you suddenly have the loss of a loved one to deal with and the disposal of a cherished family home on your hands. Arguments between siblings, pending repairs, debts, and complex probate laws all stack up to make you want to run away. Let us solve many of your problems in one go with a quick house sale that gets you cash in your pocket without the months of waiting and the normal fees and closing costs. If you want to liquidate the house for a quick and convenient cash sum, our cash for houses program is perfect. We'll help you sell house fast.

Expensive Repairs

For most people, their home is their largest asset. It can also very quickly become a massive liability. The repair bills for storm-damaged roofs, broken pipes or major damp problems can all add up quickly. Sometimes it is easier to simply sell your house and move on to somewhere requiring a lot less maintenance. Why not get out while you can with a very fair price while the house is still worth selling? Send us your house details and we'll be happy to get you a very fair cash price offer.


Foreclosure is one of those dreaded words nobody wants to hear. After years of making your house into your home, it can all be wiped out in one fell swoop. By this stage, all the banker cares about is cutting their losses. Cut-price auctions are, therefore, often the way the home is sold. So, why not play the bankers at their own game and get in first by selling your home quickly for a fair cash sum and get out from under this potential disaster.

Financial Emergency

Financial emergencies can strike anyone at any time. Perhaps the hospital has decided not to cover your medical treatment, or a relative gets into major trouble abroad. These life and death cash needs can lead to you contemplating something you would never have thought of – selling your house. Our team of friendly advisers is here to help guide you through the process in a caring and efficient manner. Our Colts Neck cash for homes program is perfect for this.


We have all seen it in the movies. The life-changing job offer that usually requires a last-minute move to the other side of the country. But what do you do if you own your home? The usual steps of finding an agent, listing it on the market, taking viewings, followed by weeks of negotiations, quite simply takes too long. Luckily we are here to wrap the entire process into just a few days to a couple of weeks at most.

Difficult Tenants

Tenants from hell are never good for the blood pressure. Some people do not know how to care for and respect other people's property. Unfortunately, the legal process to remove a sitting tenant can sometimes be long and arduous. One solution is to sell up. We will take the property off your hands and deal with the tenant issues ourselves. You get a very fair lump sum of cash and are headache free!

Property Taxes

An outstanding property tax debt can often be a sign that the owner did not take a proper interest in the property. If they could not afford the tax bill, could they afford adequate maintenance of the property? If the court has sanctioned the sale of the house to settle the tax bill, you may be in a race against the auctioneers. This is a race that we are all too familiar with, so sit back and let us fast track the sales paperwork for you.

What makes us the best choice on market?

Sell In Days, Not Months

We've been buying and selling homes in the Monmouth County area for years. We're always looking for new projects and your house could be it. If your mission is to sell house fast, then contact us ASAP.

Avoid Waiting Months for a Buyer

Why spend months waiting for an interested home buyer when you can have a cash offer on the table within days instead of weeks?

You Sell AS IS

It doesn't matter what condition your house is in, send us the details and we'll get you a cash price for the house AS IS. Our Cash for Homes program will buy your home as it is and you can walk away free.

No endless showings!

No exhausting parades of showings with potential home buyers, appointments, or having to prep and clean the house. Our process is quick and easy.

Get Paid in Cash

Get Paid in CASH. We understand you might be in a situation where you need that cash quickly. We will pay you the full agreed cash price as soon as paperwork is signed by all parties.

No realtor, hidden, or closing fees

When you sell your house to us for the full cash price, AS IS, no strings attached, there are NEVER any realtors involved, no hidden feees, and no closing costs. If

Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional sales team will give you an offer over the phone on the day you call us. After signing the contract, the sale will close after 72 hours. We buy houses all over Colts Neck and are always prepared to buy more and to give a great cash price. Remember, we’re just a phone call away throughout the process. 

Of course! We love to renovate old homes, and in some cases, we will even knock them down and rebuild. So do not hesitate to call us whatever the condition.

Just give our friendly team a call. Alternatively, fill out the form on our enquiry page, and we’ll be in touch before the end of the day.

A house can be classed as “bad” despite the owner’s best efforts. Problems such as:

  •       High crime rates
  •       Poor schools
  •       Historic lien’s
  •       Nearby heavy industries

can all add to the title “bad.”

Dealing with these problems can be almost impossible for an average seller. If you sell to us, however, we will take all these problems away with us, while you ride off into the Caribbean with your newly found cash.

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Colts Neck Sell House Fast

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Colts Neck Cash for Houses

Did you look up sell my house fast for cash, sell my home for cash, or cash for houses near me? You’re in the right place. Just send in your house information and we’ll get you a cash price in a matter of days. Sell house fast in Colts Neck by getting in touch ASAP.

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